Some Things You Should Know About Addiction Recovery

Some Things You Should Know About Addiction Recovery

15 November 2017
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Addictions are very real; they can take control of your life and ruin your relationships, your career, and so much more. This is why it is vital that you take an addiction seriously. If you see yourself falling into the trap of addiction it is important that you get professional help and start on the path to recovery. Here are some things you should know about addiction recovery.

Is There Hope For An Addict?

Too many people say that people with addictions can't find healing, and they would be wrong. Even though it is very difficult, you can find relief from your addiction. The important thing to do is to acknowledge and recognize the severity of the situation. Addictions change the brain so that an addict doesn't think the same as someone who is not addicted. This means that professional help is vital. Trying to simply heal yourself from an addiction through sheer willpower doesn't work. Your brain is working against you, so you need to arm yourself with every tool possible. Additionally, addictions thrive on triggers. These are things that happen around you that get your brain thinking you need the substance or behavior that you are addicted to. If these triggers are not properly dealt with it will mean that you will relapse quickly. Thus, as you can see there is hope for the addict if proper help is given.

What Kind Of Therapy Does An Addict Do?

There are a couple different types of therapy that the addict can participate in, but they all have similar things in common. The first is getting the person off the substance or behavior. This will be the detox period where they will have to go cold turkey off the substance. This part should be done in the presence of professionals seeing that it can be painful and difficult. Having help from medications and a supportive surrounding will be helpful. Second, you can expect to have some sort of therapy that helps to change the way that you think about your substance. You need to change the route that your brain takes every time you think about your drug of choice. This comes with intense therapy. And lastly, there will be an emphasis on support groups. You need to make sure that you have accountability to someone other than yourself. This will be a sponsor or a group of individuals who have similar problems. Then you will turn to your support group of people who love you and who can sustain you through your recovery.

These are just some things you should know about therapy for addicts. If you have a family member with addiction you may also want to opt for counseling services through a place like Blue Spruce Counseling.

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